Website consulting & strategy

Helping you use your website more effectively, to achieve your business objectives

Growing your business requires a steady flow of new enquiries. You know your website could be better at helping you achieve that, but you’re not quite sure how.

To generate more leads, enquiries, and ultimately revenue from your website, you need a solid strategy that fits and works well with your business one.

I can help you:

  • Understand your website. Figure out why it isn’t performing, and show you the opportunities you have for improvement
  • Create a clear strategy. Set objectives, develop a plan, and implement and measure it.
  • Drive more enquiries. I’ll work with you to continually improve your conversion rate, growing the volume and quality of enquiries over time.

How I develop a website strategy

I use a mix of my own experience and expertise, data, user research and testing, and best practice to understand what your current situation is, diagnose the issues, and work out how we can improve your website and marketing to meet your business objectives.

Example scenario

Let’s say you paid a lot of money for your website, and it’s getting a decent amount of traffic. But you’re still not getting the volume of enquiries you need and the ones you are getting aren’t good enough quality. 

In this scenario I would:

  • Run a face to face session with you and any stakeholders to understand the history of your website, talk through what we want to achieve and set some measurable objectives
  • Carry out a full website audit and review to include:
    • website traffic analysis (especially organic search) to understand what kind of traffic you’re getting
    • SEO research to look for new opportunities to drive quality traffic
    • website user journey audit what people are doing on the site, and why they either don’t enquire or why they might be a poor-fit enquiry
  • Run a usability testing workshops with your customers. Observe their use of the website to uncover any problem areas, missing content or opportunities for improvement.
  • Use all of the above to produce a website strategy and tactical plan for your business. 

Every business and situation is different. I almost always start with the first face to face session, which is valuable even by itself. It’s essential for any future success. This initial session might be a few hours for a small business, or a full day or two for a larger organisation.

How it works

The steps we need to take

Step 1

A free initial call to understand your challenges and goals.

Step 2

The first engagement is usually a workshop combined with a review of your current digital activity and website. This can be in person or over Zoom. 

We’ll spend time together setting objectives, exploring your current situation in depth, and creating the outline of a strategy. 

Step 3

I’ll combine the outcomes of the workshop with data analysis and a website review to create a more comprehensive strategy and set of recommendations. Basically a big to do list of everything I think your business needs to do to meet your objectives

Step 4

I’ll implement and deliver the website strategy in collaboration with you. I’ll carry out much of the work myself, or bring in specialists as needed. 

Step 5

This work is almost always ongoing, so a retainer option is usually the best approach. I will continue to work with you to make sure we hit your objectives. 

Tom was creative, collaborative, and knowledgeable, and worked hard with us to develop our ideas. He felt like part of our team from day 1.

Anna Burrows, Founder of See it, Be it.