The agenda we use for new website discovery sessions

July 23, 2021

Our new website projects always begin with a discovery session. It’s the time we take to talk thoroughly about your goals and how your website can help meet them.

It’s a chance for me to learn more about your business so that I have context. It’s a chance for you to think more carefully about what you want from your website. It also helps practically produce the plan including content structure, technical requirements, written tone of voice and design preferences.

Good websites are built on solid foundations. They are focused on achieving objectives, not just to look pretty.

Objectives before design

A good website starts with objectives. If you’re not working from those, you won’t know if you’re on track to produce a great site.

Most healthcare business websites have goals within 3 areas;

  1. To grow your patient enquiries or bookings
  2. To present your brand more professionally and attractively
  3. To provide a better experience and service for your patients

The discovery session helps figure out what the objectives are. We’ll learn what your overall business goals are so we can develop website versions that connect to them.

The discovery call agenda

Here is the exact agenda we follow with every new client. It’s written exactly the same as when we send it out to clients, so expect it to read a little differently from the rest of this post. It’s addressed directly to the client.

New Website Discovery Session – agenda

Hi, here’s a list of the things we’ll cover in our website discovery session. To get the most out of the session, please review the below and think about the things you can prepare for us to discuss.

Your business

  • Business overview and business objectives
  • Connecting business objectives to website/marketing objectives
  • EXERCISE: S.W.O.T analysis
  • Your business mission & values

Your services

  • Full services list
  • Your most popular services
  • The services you want to grow
  • Your pricing & revenue

Your patients

  • The types of patients you treat
  • Who is your ideal patient?
  • EXERCISE: Developing patient personas
  • The problems you solve for your patients

Your competitors

  • EXERCISE: Reviewing your competitors’ websites (please have ready any competitor websites you think are relevant)
  • Your positioning and differentiation from your competitors


  • Producing the strategic direction

Your content

  • Developing your tone of voice and communication style
  • EXERCISE: Developing page structure & website information architecture
  • Identifying required content assets – photography, videos, words, testimonials

Design & visuals

  • Evaluate websites that you like and dislike (please provide links ahead of time if possible).
  • Descriptive words that tell me more about your preferences
  • Colour, typography and style discussion

Website functionality

  • Calls to action & enquiry methods
  • Interactive functions (online booking etc)
  • Marketing functions required
  • Technical functionality required
  • SEO & PPC Considerations

Any other business

Capturing and using the information

I’ll take detailed written notes throughout the discovery session. Once the discovery session has been completed, I’ll then send a follow-up email with my notes from the call to make sure everything we’ve talked about is right, and that we’re on the same page.

I’ll also make sure that the notes are used throughout the website production process. There’s no point capturing all this useful info if it just sits in a folder somewhere never to be seen again.

The full web design process

The discovery phase is the first part of a multi-step web design process that I use to consistently produce excellent websites that achieve my clients’ objectives.

Tom Garfield

Tom Garfield is a website producer, designer and writer helping startups, solopreneurs and service businesses get better results from their websites.