Healthcare Marketing Insights

I’m taking a stand on bad writing

From right now, I'm no longer accepting healthcare website projects that don't include either my copywriting service or those of a collaborating copywriter. Why? Because the writing is too important. In the effort to convert website visitors into patients, great...

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The upcoming self-pay boom

2020 is done with, vaccines are finally being popped into people and the days are getting lighter little by little. Spring can’t come soon enough. Until then, unfortunately even fewer patients are getting the care they need. After the first lockdown, when hospitals...

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You’re selling health, not healthcare

The plumber asked me what kind of radiator I wanted. I hadn't bought a radiator before. I thought they just came with houses. I was a new home owner and to be honest I didn't care about different kinds of radiators. "One that keeps the room warm" I told him. That's...

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