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I’m taking a stand on bad writing

by Tom Garfield

From right now, I’m no longer accepting healthcare website projects that don’t include either my copywriting service or those of a collaborating copywriter.

Why? Because the writing is too important.

In the effort to convert website visitors into patients, great writing is over half the battle. And with the greatest respect dear doctors – you’re just not doing it right.

As medical specialists you’re excellent at the knowledge part. But that can actually hinder you sometimes.

You know too much. You get carried away in detail, losing sight of the ultimate goal to persuade the reader to do the thing you want them to do; to make an enquiry or request an appointment.

It’s your writer’s job to turn your expertise and knowledge into content that not only educates, but persuades, inspires and even (dare I say it in the healthcare industry) entertains a bit.

It is completely different to academic writing and requires its own expertise.

So in my mission to rid the world of bad healthcare websites I am now taking a stand.

No more bad writing.

Oh and if you happen to be a great clinician and a great copywriter then I congratulate you and I want to know your secret – How do you find the time?