How to add a new user to your Google Analytics account
Last updated on 29 Oct, 2020

If you need a helping hand with your Google Analytics account, or you want to grant access to your team to be able to review your data, you need to add them as a user.

It’s best practice to grant them access as a separate user, because then you don’t have to share your password with them.

Step one: Log into Google Analytics and find the admin section

First visit

Once you are logged in, you’ll need to click the “Admin” button in the bottom left corner of your screen as pictured below.

Step two: Find the user management settings

Next you should see three columns, account, property, view.

Depending on the access you want to grant, you will see user management for each of these areas.

If you have just one website that you want to grant access to, then you should select property user management

If you would like to grant access to all of your websites, then click the account user management.

Whichever you select, you will now see this screen. For the purposes of this tutorial, we will select account user management

Step 3: add a new user

Now you’ve found the user permissions area, you want to click the blue circle with a white plus button at the top right of this screen to add a new user. click new user.

Now you should see the following screen:

Enter the email address of the account you want to add. (If it’s me, it’s Next select the permissions. It’s usually the first three. You don’t need to select manage users.

When you’re done, click the add button in the top right corner.

That’s it. All done.


Written by Tom Garfield

Tom is a healthcare digital marketing specialist dedicated to helping private healthcare providers attract their ideal patients and fill their clinics.