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Websites websites websites since 2009

The first website I ever produced was for a bakery in 2009. Since then, I’ve helped more than 500 businesses with their websites, from bakeries to hospitals.

Tom Garfield with laptop in coffee shop

Tom Garfield

Hi, I’m Tom!

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In 2009 I was between jobs after moving to a new city. Instead of going back into retail, I decided to take a chance on a gumtree ad I saw from two web designers looking for sales help. 

They were great designers, but struggled to find clients. As an enthusiastic but naive 22 year old, I thought “how hard can it be”. 

So I took to the streets with a borrowed laptop and a few home printed flyers and began introducing myself to high-street businesses like cafes, hair salons and shops. 

By night I would eagerly consume blog post after blog post about this new web design and marketing world I had discovered. I was hooked! 

Fast forward through 13 years of agency and in-house digital marketing experience, a marketing degree and helping more than 500 businesses generate more leads and enquiries from their websites, I’m now proud to run my own business and work with amazing clients in a variety of sectors that include freelancers, service businesses, healthcare providers and my personal passion – the great outdoors! 

Tom Garfield with laptop in coffee shop

Ellie Garfield

Hi, I’m Ellie!

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I was one of those types who didn’t find what I wanted to do until a bit later in life. I enjoyed so many different topics; history, English, art and all sorts at school.

I’ve spent a large part of my career in business and administrative roles. Office manager, procurement, hospital ward clerk – and then I found web design and marketing!

I’ve always been creative and arty. Good at drawing and I love painting. It wasn’t until I started applying that skill to websites that I had that AHA moment and connected my love of creating things to a really valuable service.

As a web designer, I get to use my creative skills to help our clients produce incredible websites for their businesses. It’s not just about making things look pretty though. It’s about using creativity to produce something that gets the results our clients are looking for.

Now I get to use creativity and design to help businesses stand out, and provide awesome user experiences for their customers.


Our Values


We will say and do what is in our clients’ best interest


We will develop our specialist expertise to provide ever greater value


We will strive for excellence in everything we produce


We will push the industry forward into new and better places


We will collaborate with our clients so we can do better marketing together


We will be positive, approachable, friendly and kind to everyone we meet