8 digital ways to keep your clinics full during the second lockdown
Last updated on 1 Nov, 2020

Lockdown two is here. Whilst private healthcare remains open, some patients are cancelling appointments because they don’t feel safe.

We all know that because of very strict infection control measures, hospitals and clinics are some of the safest places to be right now. And, with many people waiting for months in pain, it’s important to reassure patients that it’s safe to come to hospital.

Here’s how you can use your website and digital channels to help reassure your potential patients and keep your clinics full.

1. Get some content on your website focused on your approach to COVID-19 safety

This doesn’t have to be very fancy, in fact it shouldn’t be as it will take longer to produce. You need a simple page, written from you to your patients that talks about the safety measures you have in place in your clinics and in your treatment procedures.

Talk about the safety protocols of your facilities. Let your patients know how seriously you take it.

2. Film a short video reiterating your commitment to safe care

Again, this doesn’t have to be fancy or over produced, but, why not film a short video of yourself? Tell your patients that you are 100% committed to their safety, and will be taking all necessary steps to keep them safe.

You can do it on your phone – just make sure you have no patient data in view!

3. Take some pictures of you carrying out safety measures

By this I mean get some pictures of you in a mask in clinic, using hand sanitiser, get some pictures of yourself socially distanced with your patients. Visually, you can give the impression of safety through images on your website.

4. Get a testimonial from a previous patient specifically about safety

We’ve been doing this since March, so you should have a few testimonials or reviews that mention how safe your patients felt with you. (You are collecting and publishing reviews right?)

Get your reviews up on your website, out on your social media channels and into your email signatures. Show potential patients that other patients feel safe with you, that you take great care to remain safe and COVID secure at all times.

5. Ask the clinics you work at for copies of their safety information and link to it on your website

All of the clinics and hospitals you work at should have safety information on their websites. Use it! Don’t reinvent the wheel. Send your patients to it via your website so they can see that the places they will be visiting you at are as safe as possible.

6. Email your patients that have upcoming appointments

Get in before your patients consider cancelling, why not email them with some of this content? Put together a simple statement. Send them a message to let them know you understand they might be feeling anxious, but there are fantastic safety measures in place to stop any potential spread of the virus whilst at hospital. Give them a personal reassurance that you have their safety in mind.

Please bear in mind consent and GDPR – if you don’t have marketing consent then this is a bit of a grey area. You can issue a statement, but don’t make it too sales focused or promotional.

7. Make sure your advertising references the situation

If you’re running digital ads or putting out social media content, make sure your messaging focuses on safety and reassurance. Update your Google ad copy or social media ads to give better context around what’s going on right now.

8. Get your virtual consultations policy and procedure sorted

If you didn’t take advantage of virtual consultations last time, then you need to this time. Not every patient will be suitable, but many will. Make sure you are comfortable using the virtual consultation system of your choice. Make it easy for patients to continue to recieve your care, no matter where they are.

I hope you find these tips useful. If you’d like some advice on how you can keep your clinics full during winter, get in touch with me today.


Written by Tom Garfield

Tom is a healthcare digital marketing specialist dedicated to helping private healthcare providers attract their ideal patients and fill their clinics.